MEZOTERAPIA IGŁOWA / needles mesotherpy

Leczenie łysienia / HAIR ALOPECIA - 500 ZŁ 

Ostrzykiwanie - mezoterapia całej twarzy lub dekoltu / szyi ; FACE OR DECOLETTE MESOTHERAPY

- 600 zł  - 1000 zł

Twarz i szyja / face and neck or decolette - 1000  zł  - 1300 zł

Terapia sińców pod oczami / EYE DARCK CIRKLES OR PUFFINES - 250 zł

Leczenie cellulitu, lipoliza / CELLULIT REDUCTION, lipolise from 500 zł - od 500 zł

6 zabiegów - 15% / 6 treatments - 15%

MEZOTERAPIA MIKROIGŁOWA - Micro needles mesotherpy

Leczenie łysienia / HAIR ALOPECIA - 300 ZŁ 

Twarz / szyja / dekolt / face / neck / decolette - 300 zł

6 zabiegów - 15% / 6 treatments - 15%

MEZOTERAPIA BEZIGŁOWA No needles mesotherpy

Twarz /   Twarz + szyja + dekolt / FACE / FACE+NECK+DECOLETTE, 160 zł / 240 zł 





Mesotherapy went to cosmetology and aesthetic medicine with classical medicine. This is the method used for years for the local treatment of lesions or prophylaxis.
It involves the administration of small quantities of the drug - a point by point in a specific area of ​​the body by injection. The aesthetic purposes give appropriate cocktails containing, inter alia hyaluronic acid and peptides, vitamins, succinol atellocollagen and many other charitable skaładników.
Multilateral action mesotherapy:
1) Medicated feed is exactly where you should go (this applies to both of the body and the depth of injections)
2) dense pricking the skin with thin needles in itself has a stimulating effect on the production of fibroblasts, and thus its flexibility and increase collagen production.
· Rejuvenation and improvement of skin appearance,
· Reduction of wrinkles,
· Reduction of discoloration,
· Rejuvenation oval face,
· Restoration of tension and elasticity of the skin,
· Treatment of stretch marks and scars,
· Treatment of hair loss,
· Cellulite treatment,
· Treatment of local excess fat
Already after the first treatment you see an improvement in skin appearance. However, the best results brings a series of several treatments.
Number of treatments and their intensity depends on skin condition and the patient's expectations.
In the intensive phase, it is recommended to approx. 4 treatments at intervals of 2 weeks. In the maintenance phase it is recommended in treatments 2-4.
Due to the possibilities and the final results and the satisfaction of customers - Mesotherapy is one of the basic treatments giving rapid and lasting effects.



 Nowości: AQUASHINE - peptydowe nawilżenie

Preparations to bridge between mesotherapy and fillers:
AQUASHINE Revitalization (2ml)
Unique deep mesotherapy with the active peptide complex for tired and dry skin of the face, neck and hands. It improves flexibility and moisturizes after the first treatment.
1. noncrosslinked hyaluronic acid, totally biodegradable at a concentration of 1.5%
2. peptide complex:
    • 14 vitamins, coenzymes and 24 aminokwasy,8minerals 5 nucleic acid
    • CG-EDP3 (Oligopeptide-24)
    • CG-Seperin (Oligopeptide-72)
    • CG-TGP2 (Oligopeptide-34)
    • Rejuline (Acetyl-Decapeptide 3)
1. nourishing complex:
    • 14 vitamins, coenzymes and 24 aminokwasy,8minerals 5 nucleic acid
AQUASHINE Revitalization and Lightening (2ml)
Unique deep mesotherapy with the active peptide complex for dull skin, discoloration. Evens, moisturizes and lightens discoloration after the first treatment.
1. noncrosslinked hyaluronic acid, totally biodegradable at a concentration of 1.5%
2. peptide complex:
    • 14 vitamins, 24aminokwasy, 8minerals and co-enzymes, nucleic acids 5
    • CG-Flatin (Oligopeptide-23)
    • CG-Purilux (Oligopeptide-51)
    • CG-Seperin (Oligopeptide-72)
    • CG-TGP2 (Oligopeptide-34)
1. nourishing complex:
    • 14 vitamins, 24aminokwasy, 8minerals and co-enzymes, nucleic acids 5
Dermaheal SR
- regeneracja skóry - działanie przeciwzmarszczkowe
Dermaheal HSR
- regeneracja skóry - 50mg 1% HA/5ml
Dermaheal HL
- regeneracja skóry głowy - odbudowa cebulek włosowych
Dermaheal SB
- na przebarwienia skórne - zawartość peptydów odpowiadających za rozjaśnianie skóry
Dermaheal LL
- lipoliza - działanie wygładzające i napinające
growth factors
Growth factors are naturally occurring in the proteins which bind to cell surface receptors with their active and causes cell proliferation, making the skin more elastic, firm and dense.
biomimetic peptides
boosters due to small particles penetrate the skin, and there stimulate the production of collagen and elastin are responsible for smoothness and firmness of the skin. They are helpful in the fight against shallow discoloration - brighten and even out skin tone.
Mesotherapy Dermaheal SR and HSR
Dermaheal brand is a guarantee of high quality and advanced technology products developed in laboratories Caregen.
Dermaheal HSR and SR
The product (HSR is further enriched with hyaluronic acid) for the revitalization of mature skin facial area and neck. This results in a reduction in fine wrinkles by stimulating the production of new skin cells. Strengthens the elasticity of the skin by inducing the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Moisturize dry skin and helps it to maintain optimum moisture balance.
58 active components: Hyaluronic acid 5 biomimetic peptide, 13 vitamins, 24 amino acids, minerals, 5, 4 coenzymes, 4 nucleic acids.
Description of the procedure:
The administration of a number of points shallow under the skin in the series every week or every two weeks. Series is approx. 5-8 treatments, depending on skin condition. Its effects persist for up to 12 months. Usually, it is recommended to perform two to three treatments-like during the year.
Mesotherapy for discoloration - Dermaheal SB
Dermaheal SB is a preparation for mesotherapy reducing skin discoloration and prevent the synthesis of melanin. It works brightening and effectively prevents further pigmentation of the skin. Reduces resulting from the synthesis of melanin skin discoloration and smoothes skin tone. It makes the skin radiant and full of healthy glow. Also effective in the fight against age spots. Leaves skin smooth, soft and radiant.
· Skin discoloration and molasses
· Lightening effect
· Reduction in melanin synthesis
Active ingredients:
· amino acids
· vitamin
· minerals
· Biomimetic peptides
Cellulite - Injection lipolysis Cellutrix
A series of injections firms the body and removes cellulite.
Cellutrix treatment can be repeated as required for a positive result as 2 - 4 weeks in a single area of ​​the body.
Aqualix - Injection lipolysis face and body
Excess fat can be dissolved through one injection of a substance called Lipostabil that the doctor injected directly into the fatty tissue that you want to delete. The injected substance is present in identical form in the body and plays a very important role in the metabolism of fat. Lipostabil dissolved fats, causes the decomposition of fats made simpler, thereby reducing the circuit area of ​​application. The treatment is completely safe for the patient.
• Local reduction of fat cells
• visibly smoother and firmer skin
• less visible cellulite
• First effects occur after 2 weeks, and the final after 4 weeks of treatment. For up to 10 after the surgery may dn
• m-swelling occur undergoing c
Aqualix treatment may be repeated up to 4 times every 4 weeks in one area of ​​the body
Mesotherapy head - Dermaheal HL Or Reparestim, RRS
- Mesotherapy in the treatment of alopecia of various genesis (microneedle or needle)
Dermaheal HL is a product acting regenerating mesotherapy prevent hair loss. It works by reducing the effects of hair loss and baldness in both women and men. It promotes hair growth by revitalizing the hair follicles and stimulate circulation. It prevents the scalp problems and increases the density and thickness of the hair. Stimulates and Amp

It stimulates and strengthens hair roots. Moisturizes and nourishes the hair and scalp.

Mezoterapia mikroigłowa DERMAPEN MY-M

przed po

Pistolet do mezoterapi

Automatic camera to mikronakłuć leather with adjustable depth and frequency of punctures guaranteeing the safety of the procedure.
Microcenthesis My-M stimulates collagen regeneration and skin metabolism. My-M is also used in hospitals to improve the regeneration of the skin cells and reduce wrinkles and scars including scars after burns.
Reducing wrinkles, smoothing the skin, improve skin density they have been confirmed by tests at Yonsei University.
Research at the university confirmed the 40-fold improvement in the absorption of cosmetics (Professor Kim Byung-Joon).
Research Professor Philippa MoCaffrey at the University of Sydney have confirmed 50% improvement for acne scars.
According to the doctor's surgery in the USA Norman Leaf, mikronakłucia instead of destroying the skin as lasers strengthen it and give it its flexibility.
It is an innovative treatment that stimulates regeneration processes, rejuvenates the skin and smoothes wrinkles.
Controlled mikroigiełek length corresponding holes (pricking the skin) without the risk of damage to the blood vessels. The treatment is painless. The cosmetic mesotherapy Several thousand microchannels through which are transported into the skin concentrated active ingredients. In a short time (15 min) the skin is able to absorb between 80 - 90% of the cosmetic product.
Effects of treatment:
    improvement in skin firmness and elasticity
    improvement of facial contours
    reduction of wrinkles and static
    stimulating the production of collagen and elastin
    wrinkle treatments
    lifting treatments
    Treatments for scars
    firming treatments
    Treatments for cellulite

Mesotherapy is the most advanced, non-invasive system for skin rejuvenation and cellulite reduction and fat, it uses in its action electroporation.
- Rejuvenation,
- Normalizing,
- To rejuvenate,
- Moisturizing,
- Toning,
- Lighten spots,
- Reduction in wrinkles,
- lifting
- Reduction of cellulite,
- Fat,
- Stretch marks,
- Firming.
Mesotherapy in anti-wrinkle treatment
By using microdermabrasion and the corresponding electromagnetic wave and pores open to the inside of the skin and through the cell membrane into the cell penetrate necessary active substances. The tissue is nourished, drained of toxins and oxidized and activated for the preparation of collagen and elastin. The skin regenerates, moisturizes, firms and smoothes. Mesotherapy can be performed around the eyes. To achieve the effect must undergo a series of treatments / at least 4 / at intervals of 5-10 days. To maintain the effect, it is good to repeat the mesotherapy needle-free once a month.
Mesotherapy in the treatment of cellulite and fat tissue

The adjustable pulse power can effectively act on the deeper layers of fat. For best results it is good to combine with needle-free mesotherapy treatments endermology.



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