Do you want to make someone a surprise and give a unique gift?
Choose health and beauty!
In our clinic we care about your soul and body.
You can give your loved ones you choose surgery or the amount for which she chooses, what you need most. This can be anything from a range eg. Aesthetic medicine, cosmetology or supplements or cosmetics.
Please call if you are not sure what to choose and use our suggestions, or let the gifted person listen to our experts and chose the treatment itself.
VOUCHER can be for a set amount or for a specific treatment or product.
Invitations - Gift vouchers can be picked up in person or receive them by courier to the address indicated.
Payments can be made to the account: 44 1950 0001 2006 0740 0328 0002 (title: gift service) or directly in the office. When paying by bank transfer should be sent to confirm payment and indicate the name and address data, which will send the invitation.
In the case of delivery by courier voucher - please added 20 zł for shipping costs.
Health and beauty is the greatest gift which you can give to a person close to you!
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