The problem with the hair? They fall? They are weaker?
The problem of hair loss affects not only men but also a large part of women.
It is often the result of too intensive treatments hairdressers and improper care, but the most common cause is much deeper.
There are many types of alopecia .... that treatment was effective to be carried out proper diagnosis.
Diagnosis is preceded by an interview with the patient and a clinical tribological scalp and hair, often you need to also perform hormonal tests to finally diagnose the cause and choose the appropriate treatment.
In our office we invite you to study skin and hair at the special price of 150 zł, and for those who take the treatment in our office and purchase mesotherapy needle - the study will be FREE when you buy 2 mesotherapy or 3 karboksyterapii and 75 zł when purchasing 1 mesotherapy or karboksyterapii.
For each case we select individual mesotherapy.
See work on which device - photo attached.
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